Monday, February 18, 2019

Emerging Cuckoldress

packing my bag

Daddy has always been a bit of a cuck.  He asks to hear about the things I let other men do to me on my dates with them.  He dives face first into my pussy when he knows someone else has been there. He has liked seeing me play with others when we've had the occasional threesome.

At first I was resistant, because I didn't want to be mean to him, didn't want to humiliate the man I loved so much.  Then again, I want to meet the needs of the man I love, and is it mean to do something that he is asking to do?  That he believes he would get pleasure from?  The more I researched the more turned on I became.

I had plans to meet with a new FWB (we'll call him A) to play for the first time, and I asked him if he would be game to fuck me with my husband blindfolded in a chair nearby.  He was not just game, but totally turned on by the idea, and Daddy was hard the minute he heard.

A few texts and a hotel reservation later, the plan was set for the following Saturday night.

When Saturday evening finally came, Daddy and I checked into the local hotel and went to the local outdoor mall to shop and have dinner.  Daddy bought condoms for my new lover and a few things for me, took me to eat, and then we headed back to the room so I could shower and get ready.  I wrestled my JJ tits into a black bra that gave me cleavage for days, and put a sheer pink babydoll and matching panties on.  A little primping and a shot of whiskey and I was ready.  Daddy watched with amused anticipation, his excitement growing as he watched me getting ready for another man and thought about what he was going to overhear.

A ding from my phone let me know A was close.  I blindfolded my husband of twenty years.

"No peeking, daddy!" I kissed the top of his head and touched up my lip gloss as footsteps approached.

I opened the door and A strode in, immediately kissing me passionately.  I was very aware of the sounds of our kissing, the smacks and soft moans and the way they sounded to my blindfolded husband just 5 feet away.

As he continued to kiss me, my focus shifted to my dampening pussy and the man in front of me.  He turned me so my back was to the bed, and as he did he reached between my legs and rubbed my panties.  His fingers rubbed and probed and I felt the thin fabric of my panties shift and in the next moment his finger was inside me.  I moaned loudly, glancing over at Daddy hesitantly.  He sat, calm as a cucumber, and although his face was mostly covered by the cosmic print bandana tied around his head, I could see by the set of his jaw that he was straining to hear, and the slight smile that played at his lips showed me he was pleased at his current situation.  A glance downward to the bulge straining at his Levi's showed me he was turned on by the sounds of his wife being seduced.    I suddenly felt very connected, and all at once I was overwhelmed by love for my partner of 25 years and the huge desire for another man to make cum hard and loud.

A pulled off my panties and I took them from his hand.  "Bye, panties!" I exclaimed and tossed them towards the chair, where they landed on Daddy's shoulder and stayed.  I smirked at the sight but was quickly distracted by A's head between my legs.  I closed my eyes and felt his tongue probing me, felt my own juices trickling out of me, felt his fingers slide in.  I rocked against A's quickening fingers, my breath quickening and my moans growing louder as I felt an orgasm build inside me.  I reached out and gripped Daddy's knee as I started to cum.    A paused, playing with my tits, asking if I needed a break.  I assured him I did not, and proved it by sucking his cock for a while.  I felt myself growing wetter and wetter as I slurped and gagged and turned myself on by creating the best audio experience I could for Daddy.

When he was done with my mouth, A put on a condom and crawled between my spread legs, working his cock into my dripping pink hole.  I gasped and moaned, anticipating a good fucking and hoping he would pound me loud and hard for Daddy.  I was looking forward to crying out as I came on his cock, clutching Daddy's knee as A tore my tight little pussy apart with his hard cock, but A got carried away with the building sexual excitement in the room and came.

As we got dressed, I was so excited and surprised at how turned on I was by teasing my cuck daddy that I wasn't even disappointed at the short duration.  There was no doubt in my mind this was only the first of many such experiences.  I put the last of my clothes on and made my way around the bed to the chair where my cuck still sat, perfectly still, blindfolded.  I gently pulled the bandana from his eyes and handed him his glasses.

"Daddy, meet A.  A, this is Daddy."

and with that, we headed off for a friendly Starbucks before Daddy took me back to that room and eagerly finished what A had started.

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