Sunday, January 27, 2019

Name That Tune

Photo by sub-bee

This post is inspired by this week's Masturbation Monday prompt, this lovely photo by Sub-Bee.

My eyes fluttered and struggled to adjust to the late afternoon light seeping through the cracks in my bedroom blinds.  A strong hand slid around my waist from behind me.

"Hi, Babygirl," he whispered quietly, spooning me as I awoke from my nap.

"Hi, Daddy," I whispered back to my adoring husband, fully awake now and noticing something firm pressing against my rear through the thin blanket covering my naked body.

I felt the blanket being slowly peeled off my back and then he began tracing my naked spine, slowly trailing down the crack of my ass and pausing before trailing back up.

"Let's play Name that Tune, " he smiled.   "I will play you a little song, Babygirl, and you see how many notes it takes to guess it."

He began gently, playfully tapping a rhythm on my back, humming a bit as he did so.  I concentrated as he played my spine like a piano.  I managed to guess You Are My Sunshine, although it took way more notes than it should have.  He tried another song.

I tried earnestly but I couldn't figure it out. After a few serious attempts I realized it was futile and started making silly guesses. His fingers broke rhythm to tickle my sides as I squealed and giggles.

"That's okay, " he said, moving the hair from my neck and nuzzling me with his bearded chin.  His hand circled my waist again and then moved up to my breast, his finger circling my nipple and then disappearing behind me again,

"What am I spelling?" he asked, tracing letters on my back.  I - W - A - N - T - Y ....

"I want you!" I grinned, pleased with myself for cracking his code.

"I want you, too,"  I could hear the tease in his voice, and I opened my mouth to tease back and protest his trickery but only a gasp escaped as his finger slid between my legs and teased at the dampening slit.

I moaned, and adjusted my hips to give him easier access.  His finger pulled out, satisfied I was ready for more, and was replaced by the head of his hard cock.  He held my hip with one hand as he wrapped the other hand in my hair as a handle, and slid into me.  I pushed back against him, taking him deeper in, and reached my own hand down to touch myself. He held me there and started moving in and out of me.

"Fuck me, Daddyyyyyyy......"  I moaned as I felt myself starting to cum.

"Give it to Daddy, girl.  Let go and cum for me."  He sensed I was on the brink, and his assurance sent me over the edge and my pussy began to spasm around his dick.  I started to moan quietly as the orgasm took over.

Just then, his pounding thrusts and rhythmic breaths joined with my beating heart to create a sexy melody that I never tired of hearing.  As our beat started to crescendo into his moan and I felt the pulse of his hot cum filling me up I wondered how many strokes it would take me to name this tune!

Masturbation Monday


  1. What a sweet, sexy story! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. Welcome to Masturbation Monday! You've hit me in ALL the feels! As a babygirl, I love these kinds of sweet moments with my Daddy Dom, and I know he loooooves making me beg for a good fucking. Love this!